Tuesday, March 04, 2008

90 Day Tania

I wil kill myself in 90 days - This is my decision as it is only mine to make. I honestly do not care about other people's feelings or opinions on this matter. There are many others online who are now doing this very same thing because it seems that I’ve set the trend for internet suicides, but I take no responsibility for this whatsoever.

I feel life has no greater purpose. We have no great war in our generation, no great depression, our great war is a war of the spirit, and our great depression is our lives. So, if I feel like saying "fuck it all", why can't I?

In this ‘last days’ diary of mine, you can read all about how I end my life in style, for example: you’ll find me quoting movies like Se7en and Fight Club and posting videos of which dress I might wear when I’ll do the deed. This way, I hope to set some standards for the internet suicide culture.

Update: 90 Day Jane

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