Sunday, February 03, 2008

Out There


LisaPal said...

OK. This is kinda strange. I was sitting here with the laptop and turned the TV on to the History Channel where it's apparently UFO Investigation Marathon Night. And then I check my feeds and lo, you've posted this link. Some of these stories are kinda creepy and as much as I don't really want to entertain myself with too much of this before going to bed, I'm compelled to click.

This also reminds me of another time in 1991 where this friend gave me a Jaques Valee book on the subject. It, too, had reports of creepy UFO incidents. The day I finished reading it, the 86 year-old lady who lived behind me, (with whom I seldom spoke), walks by, compliments my garden, then --out of the blue-- decides to tell me all about the morning a UFO "about the size if a pick-up truck" appeared hovering over a tree in her yard. She called her husband to see it and they stood there watching, stunned, until it took off "toward Texas." Apparently, several investigators came and collected evidence -- some of it rather bizarre -- after she reported the incident to her son, a scientist at LSU.

She ended her story by saying, "I don't know why I'm telling you all this," and I wondered the same, particularly since I'd just finished reading this book full of creepy UFO incidents.

Wish me sweet dreams. I'm probably going to need them.

Richard said...

Lisa, my dear, you are the siren of serendipity.

LisaPal said...

...siren of serendipidy...

Is that a good thing?

Is it a good thing in this case?

Can I just be the siren of Dippity-Doo?

Richard said...

Yes it's a good thing, you call discoveries to you. The discoveries are probably good, it's the ensuing nightmare that might have been bad.

And you can be anything you like, you can be what I call my son... a ball of goof!

LisaPal said...

Oh, I am most definitely a ball of goof. And Ryan is the most adorable kind of ball of goof. You've just gotta love him for that.